Brazil's production of glyphosate herbicide on China anti-dumping duties

China Network reports, the Brazilian Foreign Trade Chamber of Commerce decided to change to the herbicide glyphosate production in China taxation standards, to extend the use of magnets on the ceramic anti-dumping duties.

Brazilian Foreign Trade Association, said Brazil's current imports from China of 2.1% glyphosate herbicide levy anti-dumping tariffs, switch to the new standards, the maximum tax 2.52 U.S. dollars per kilogram to cover the product market prices in mainland China with the spread between export prices in Brazil.

Brazilian Foreign Trade Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Rita? Spindola said the new measures were aimed at "artificially low prices to prevent foreign producers exporting to Brazil," Brazil will not have any impact on local producers.

Brazilian Foreign Trade Association of the day decided to produce for China Ceramic magnets to extend anti-dumping duty for 5 years. Brazil's current capacity in China 43% ceramic magnet levy anti-dumping duties.

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