ITRI Innovation LED display R & D results and the latest display technology

    2010 Taipei International Optoelectronics Week, Industrial Technology Research Institute to "found new life』 『bright spots, as』 『open a new world view" as the theme, the innovative R & D results and the most ram LED display technology, with virtual situations, experience interactive fun show, depicting the use of new technology in the future scenarios. The exhibits, including the luminous efficiency can improve up to 15% of the magnetic energy LED, can bend the AC LED lamps, six-inch electronic paper color, the next new weapon in the electronic store 48 labels exhibits.

This year the institute's innovative applications of LED luminous efficiency of repeated innovations and achievements. What was surprising was the magnet and the LED combination of innovation and change in LED current using the magnetic field to promote the efficiency of LED light substantially improve 15%. Unlike the existing LED technology, only passing reference to improving the optical losses and epitaxial crystallization of the ITRI to overcome the traditional high-brightness LED currents distributed unevenly, the worse the luminous efficiency, LED light uniformity issues.

Use of magnetic energy into the way that the current uniform, ITRI successfully change the current limit under the Fang Faguang electrode pattern, to give the most efficient area light is no longer covered by metal electrodes, LED light can be dispersed the efficiency and reduce the time spent on light power. The technology has completed the global patent strategy, the domestic LED industry is expected to add new tool to enhance competitive advantage.

Deflection lighting considerations can be the new trend of the future, ITRI applied in 2008 won the world's 100 largest technology award (R & D 100 Award) for AC LED technology, extended to develop original lighting applications ─ ─ 14-inch flexible AC LED lights. The product is thin, soft, free to bend, and no transformer devices LED light source, the future can be used in bending light, situational lighting, creative lighting, decorating style and other design and develop LED lighting applications.

可彎曲AC LED照明燈

Flexible AC LED Lighting

Deflection of color can be AMOLED, electronic tags

ITRI has developed a color AMOLED display may be bending, only a thin layer of 100 micron thick, resolution 66dpi, bending radius up to 5 cm or less, while in the curly, color video animation continues to play with. This flexible display screen can be read 2,500 times repeated curling, but did play the animation function unaffected. Future development can be applied to e-books, e-book reading while to achieve, but also enjoy video animation playback.

Cashew lattice label is the initial extension of electronic paper display materials, application, currently only a small area of use, there is no large area applications. ITRI's R & D flash tag to cholesterol LCD technology with section drive mode, sizes up to A4 can sell goods marked content, price and promotional information, especially in a particular fast flashing screen, more attractive viewers eyes, real-time promotions.

And so long as the electronic paper label that is through the wireless transmission of information can be sold to replace, no longer need to manually replace the product nameplate, is a large store of new real-time promotional tool for advertising, the future can be used in retail, hypermarkets, supermarkets , stations and other exhibition sites.

Regionalization 2D/3D switch, energy saving windows, solar power

See 3D stereo images, while the text is not clear will be a difficult problem; this institute is the latest development of the regional 2D/3D switching can be a full-screen screen, choose 3D display area location or size, for 2D/3D switching function, so that 2D high-resolution screen text clarity and the same, while in the 3D display area can display a vivid three-dimensional images. For Internet, games, merchandise and other advertising images and three-dimensional multimedia video presentation.

In addition, ITRI also display solar energy windows, specially designed uniform light diffusion layer will efficiently convert sunlight by the light diffusion layer transfer wizard optical layer, optical layer by the air interface to do with reflection, after reflection sunlight can be concentrated by the solar modules around the collection of a maximum 50% of solar energy will be transmitted to the solar cells around the windows, which provides DC power for home appliances using 3C, light energy conversion rate of up to 8%.

Solar power energy-saving windows

Perspective compared to silicon thin film solar cells and can be perceived dye sensitized solar cells, this technique has a high transmittance (20 ~ 50%), high stability and high color fidelity. In addition, the use of PC diffusion substrate, to make the windows transparent module addition to the general nature of things, and with good toughness, a bullet-proof glass structure, strengthen the home security protection. Both power generation and energy-saving bullet-proof windows, security will become standard on future green buildings.

Energy-saving wisdom blinds, color books, soft pressure sensor

ITRI developed electrical wetting liquid crystal (Electrowetting Display, EWD) of green energy-saving wisdom modulation window, because liquid crystal ink and water are not miscible, fast response, conversion time of about 12 to 13 milliseconds, and with RGB inkjet process for the color change as the window display. In addition, the power consumption is extremely small, only 20 volts below the low voltage can be, with autonomous solar power supply, no extra power, you can to save energy, the future can be used in home construction and window colors.

Energy-saving wisdom blinds

In addition, ITRI has developed a 6-inch AMOLED display color may deflection in bending thin 0.2 cm screen, the color video animation continued playing, bending radius of up to 5 cm or less, than other soft international display bending performance, brightness up to 150nits.

There is also a soft pressure sensor, in an area of about 200 cm in length, filled with 180 sensing points can sensitively detect the slap of strength, with easy to use, lightweight, can be flexible, irregular shape, and drop , low power consumption can be a continuous process with the advantages of the use of papers like printing screen printing production.

Pressure sensors based on the use of soft needs, printing different size and shape of the pressure sensor can be used on uneven surfaces, and objects completely fit, simple, sensitive small error (<2.5%), much better than 3 ~ 7% of foreign sensor error, and people can interact. Future health care can be integrated into the bed, warning devices, sensor mats, car seat, so the game interface.
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