Magnets Information

Magnets Information

Magnetism - Succeed in Physical Science: School...

Magnetism, Poles, Force, Repulsion, and Electric Fields


Dowling Magnets - Magnet Manufacturing

“The Attraction is Obvious”- Magnet Facts, Frequently Asked Questions, Other Magnetic Facts


How Magnets Work-Magnetic Domains

Magnetic Domains- Magnetized and Un-magnetized, Attracting and Aligning Domains, Mini-Lesson Review


A Review of Magnets and Magnetism-Basics

What is Magnetism?, History, Ferromagnetism, Diamagnetism, Para-magnetism, What are Magnets Used For?,  Additional Links



History of Magnets


NASA's KSNN™ - Why do magnets work?

Why Do Magnets Work?, Activity Links and Video Links


Frequently Asked Questions-Magnets

List of questions and answers to “Frequently Asked Questions”


HowStuffWorks "How Electromagnets Work" electro...

How Electromagnets Work?, Regular Magnets, “Quiz Corner” for an Electric Motor


Power Point for Magnets

Click on top entry that comes up and then a Power Point window will open to view this Magnet Power Point Slide Show


Static Electricity

Static Electricity-Learn About Static Charge and Static Shock


Magnets Overview Sheet

Magnets - Investigate and understand that natural and artificial magnets have certain characteristics and attract specific types of metals (2nd Grade) additional links


Magnetism —

Magnetism Defined, Magnetic Poles, Forces, and Fields, Magnetic Materials, The Basis of Magnetism, Evolution of Electromagnetic Theory, Bibliography, additional links and activities


Key Ideas About Magnets-Summary Sheet

Operation Primary Physical Science, created by the National Science Foundation


HowStuffWorks "How Magnets Work"

How Magnets Work, excellent clear photos of experiments with lead filings and a variety of magnets


Vocabulary for Magnetism

This site lists a variety of commonly used vocabulary words with the study of magnets


Magnetism - MSN Encarta

Magnetism, Introduction History of Theory, Electromagnetic Theory


NOVA | Magnetic Storm | Impact on Animals | PBS...

“Would a dramatic change in the Earth's magnetic field affect creatures that rely on it during migration?”


Electricity- Making a Lemon Battery

Here's how to make electricity from a lemon! This experiment is safe, but electricity can be dangerous. Never play with electricity!


Permanent Magnets

Permanent Magnets and the Earth


What is a Magnet? Detailed and very supportive

What is a Magnet?, Magnetic Poles, Care of Magnets, Magnets At Work, Electromagnets,| Building With Magnets, Types Of Magnets, Magnet Game Page, Resources


Magnetism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Advanced article detailing history and theories


Floating Paperclips Experiment

Experiments with Magnetic Levitation, Floating Paper Clips


NASA Explores: Just For Fun

Type in magnets in the search box and it will lead to a multitude of informational articles


Permanent Magnet Types for Sale: Neodymium …

This is a site that sells magnets but it shows and describes the different shapes, sizes and types of permanent magnets


Magnet University

This is a site that sell magnets with a wealth of information; Magnets FAQ, Pull Force Calculators, Electricity, Magnetism, Types of Magnets, History of MagnetismMagnetic Levitation, Linear Acceleration, Using Magnets To Treat Pain, Maxwell's Equations,Magnetic Personalities, Magnetic Orientation, Magnetic Sculpture, Bismuth, Ferrofluid, MSDS, Glossary, Links



Floating Magnets

Visuals that show an explain experiments with circle/ ring magnets interacting with other magnets


What is Magnetism?

Basic overview of what magnetism is and kid friendly pictures to explain the topic


Electricity and Magnetism

Electricity and Magnetism site that lists a variety of experiments for children to create


Planetary Magnetism

This site offers a multitude of options for children, teachers, and parents to learn about the solar system and the connection with magnetism


Lead Filings-Pictures and Activities

Students experiment with magnetism creating magnetic force fields that can push or pull their iron filings


Magnet Man - Cool Experiments with Magnets

This web site is devoted to magnetism and the cool experiments you can do with permanent magnets and electro-magnets


Grade 2 Science Resources- Magnet Sites

Scroll down to the second topic heading and you will find the topic of headings and a variety of site resources that children can click and connect to for information


Fun Facts About Magnets (10)

This site list the top ten facts about magnets and show a picture of a loadstone with a nail and lead filings

Magnetism – “Factbites

This site takes you to a listing of possible links that teach about magnets with short summaries of the articles



Magnets- Interactive Sites


QUIA - 3rd Grade SOL 2.2 Magnets Millionaire Game

QUIA Interactive Magnetic Millionaire Game, (geared to 3rd grade)


QUIA - Magnets concentration vocabulary quiz

Magnets-Vocabulary Concentration Game (geared for 2nd grade)


Magnets and Springs

Interactive site that has children build and create “Magnets and Springs”


Kids' "Magnetic Poetry Page- FUN

This page is a fun interactive way to work with magnetic words to create poetry on any topic such as magnets


Electricity and Magnetism Scavenger Hunt

Electricity and Magnetism, Use the underlined sites to find the answers to the questions and this is a time consuming activity if students actively click and research the sites that are recommended



This is an interactive site that has children play a spinner game to work with and build an electromagnet


Einsteinonline- Interactive Quiz

This is an interactive site that has children listen to a read question and then click on the answer for each question, it is bright and colorful

Magnets Quiz- Interactive Quiz (Geared for early, foundational understanding)

Energy Quest Room-

Students, move the mouse over the objects in the room to find the places you can go.Parents and teachers, click the apple on the desk.


PowerPoint Presentation - Magnet Quiz-Interactive-

Geared for 3rd and 4th graders




Magnet Teacher Resource

NASA Explores K-4 Lesson: Attract or Repel?-Teacher Lesson Plan- To demonstrate how magnets repel and to predict their attraction, Level K-4

Electricity and Magnets Teaching Theme- Lesson-

A variety of teacher resources from lessons to bulletin board ideas


Magnets and Electromagnets- Teacher Lesson Plan-Magnets and Electromagnets: Scientists use electromagnets to steer Jefferson Lab's electron beam around the accelerator. In this experiment, students learn what affects the strength of an electromagnet

Levitating Magnet - Picture - MSN Encarta -Pictorial Example of a “Levitating Rock”

Magnetism-Background Informational File- The Magnetosphere, Magnetic Field Lines, Electromagnetic Waves The Things That Work Unit...- Background Informational File- Pdf file for a magnet video that can be found in the library or on United Streaming Background Informational File- Pdf file for a magnet video that can be found in the library or on United Streaming


What is a Magnet Manual Support-Background Informational File


Magnet- Background Informational File on “Magnets” (geared for upper elementary school/middle school)

Compass - MSN Encarta- Background Informational File on the compass (geared for upper elementary school)

 Magnetism – pictures and illustrations -Background Informational File Magnetism- Pictures and Illustrations for Alexander graham Bell’s Telephone- Levitating Magnets, Magnetic Compass, and Mass Spectrometer


Exploring Magnetism-Web Directory – Background Information File



Magnetic Levitation Train - Picture - MSN Encarta- Background Informational File-Magnetic Levitation train such as the one used at Disney that students can connect to for the lesson


Electromagnet - MSN Encarta- Background Informational File


Magnetic Compass - Picture - MSN Encarta- Background Informational File- Magnetic Compass and photo


Albert's Experiment- Induced Magnetism- Performing Classroom Experiment- One of Gilbert's Experiments: Induced Magnetism


Interactive & Videos- Interactive Teacher Resource


Magnet Links to Use in an Elementary Classroom- Collection of 11 additional links for students


NASA Explores - Teacher resources- Teacher Lesson Plans: Type magnets into the search engine for multiple lessons and activities



Static Tubes- Teacher Lesson Plan on “Static Tubes”








Magnet WebQuests

Magnets WebQuest-

Geared to 1st grade


WebQuest- Magnetism and Electricity-

Geared to 1st grade


Magnet WebQuest-

Basic WebQuest which uses Kidspiration or Inspiration software, Geared to foundational learning, geared to 1st and 2nd grade


Magnets WebQuest-

Geared to 2nd Grade


Wonderful World of Magnets-

Geared for 2nd grade


Wonderful World of Magnets WebQuest-

Geared to 2nd and 3rd Grade


Magnets WebQuest-

Geared to 3rd Grade



Geared to 3rd grade


Push and Pull A Magnetic WebQuest-

Geared to 3rd grade


Magnet WebQuest-Magic or Magnets-

Geared to 3rd grade, includes lesson plan


Magnets, What's the Attraction?-WebQuest

Geared to 3rd -5th grade, includes lesson plan


Welcome to the WebQuest About Magnetism-

Geared to 3rd -5th grade

 Electricity and Magnetism WebQuest-

Geared to 4th grade


Professor's Magneto Missing Magnet-

Geared to 4th and 5th grade


Make the Connection-WebQuest Electricity/Magnets-

Geared for 4th and 5th graders


Super Teacher Repels Evil Villain Magnet Man-

Geared to 5th grade, includes lesson plan


Mystery of Magnets WebQuest -

Geared to 5th grade



Geared to upper elementary and middle school students, listing of various informational sites and multitude of WebQuests


Glencoe Science: WebQuest Building a Locomotive-

Geared to upper elementary and middle school children


Electricity and Magnetism WebQuest-

Geared to 5th and 6th grade




Magnets- Assessment Tools

Rubistar Magnet WebQuest Rubric-

Collaborative Work Skills: Magnet WebQuest


Magnet Portfolio “Set-Up”-

Outstanding sequencing piece for k-5, portfolio piece for each grade level to be place in a portfolio

WebQuest Links- How to Design WebQuest and WebQuests-

Teacher resource

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